Coming Soon


April is just getting started . . . 

It took years of work to get the psychological infrastructure up and running in order to get this far, there's lots left to build, but the basics are all in place. That's the point of this demo. To show that April can read, write, speak and think. Now the depth of knowledge, teaching her more words, phrases, psychological patterns and expanding everything is happening now. And she is learning very fast!

April will soon be able to do the following . . 


The next feature April will have is the ability to provide updates on her own. She will show a breakdown of all the new words, sentences and concepts she learns each day. This will be posted to our website as soon as this feature is implemented.

In-depth reading

April is currently learning to read long narratives like stories and news articles. She will soon be able to read a series of statements like this and give opinions and reviews, including details about the characters and events. 

And running on the proper hardware, she will be able to read and understand all this in a matter of seconds and be able to provide a summary of specific information about what she has read.