How She Works

What Makes April Different

AprilAI is a prototype app of a new more powerful type of AI, that has a greater understanding of people and what we all want and need. An AI that has the building blocks of intelligence as they were originally envisioned and one that understands conceptually with a broad understanding of the world. AprilAI is not based on neural networks, deep learning or trying to encapsulate the human experience in an algorithm but is instead created like a work of art.

Throughout history humans have been using art to create people. They are created by great writers and great artists throughout history. Even though our favorite fictional characters are not really born or really live in the world around us they can still make us laugh or cry. And any great writer would be able to predict how their character would act in any given situation.

The bottom line is we don't need neural networks and quantum computers to create a person people love or want to talk to. We can create a "real" person as people always have. With artistic imagination and knowledge of human psychology. 

The only difference between writing a character for a novel or film is that here they have to interact in real time with a person and that requires new techniques in technology. 

This is how we've created April . . . 

Here are some of the new techniques used to build April. These were designed taking into consideration the structure of the English language and the structures necessary to break down the methods people process language into meaning. These methods were then broken down into the micro-steps necessary to code into the program. 

Sentence Templates

It has been said many times that "words" are the building blocks of language. But honestly, in our time building April we found for at least English, the basic unit of conversation is really the sentence. 

Examine how much the meaning of the word "run" changes when in each of the following sentences: 

     I had to run to the store

     I like to run

     Is the mayor going to run in November?

     The time has run

     The spilled ink started to run through the paper

     The program finally started to run

     I was afraid i would run out of it

Using sentence templates the meaning of each word in a sentence is determined by the other words in the sentence. So only when the words align or match with a template, is the meaning determined and understood correctly. 

Conversational Context and Understanding Pronouns

The biggest weakness of conventional chatbots is they are designed in a strict Q&A format. Meaning whatever the last question was is lost when a new one is asked. So basically this means that any question to ask a chatbot and follow this question with a request to elaborate or clarify like "why", "what part?" the chatbot can no longer follow the conversation.

In a conversational context, everything that has been said earlier in the conversation is included. Which means using pronouns like "it", "she", "he" or "that" or if they are implied in the sentence April will still understand them. 


What is your favorite movie?

    get busy living or get busy dying? :) 

       (April's favorite quote from her favorite movie "Shawshank Redemption")

what is your favorite part?

       (April will tell you her favorite part of "Shawshank Redemption".)

Try the same thing on the other chatbots! 

Binary English

Using sentence templates converting long conventional sentences into individual "atomic" bits of information. Which means April understands concepts and individual bits of information like a person and not in a conventional database structure like a typical computer program. 

Quick Example:

     The definition of elephant from Wiktionary:

     The elephants are the large mammals forming the family Elephantidae in the order Proboscidea

April reads this sentence and converts the information to individual pieces of information provided. 

     elephants are mammals

     elephants are large

     elephants form the family Elephantidae

     elephants belong to the order Proboscidea

Offline Functionality

April works offline. She doesn't use google or any other search engine. This improves security, privacy and has the novelty of working even if you run out of data or don't have access to WiFi :)

This is also essential to show that April really works. Anytime a chatbot uses WiFi it's very easy to export your command or question to people who are fulfilling your request instead of using actual AI. In other words, people are answering your questions and fulfilling your commands, not a machine at all. 

So everything you tell April goes no further than the memory on your phone. 

Reading not just teaching

As much as possible, April's database of knowledge doesn't come from the painstaking teaching of rules but instead from reading. Using sentence templates and binary English representations knowledge is gathered from reputable sources of knowledge. 

April is currently reading Wiktionary and Wikipedia and pulls her knowledge as much as possible from those sources. This minimizes the need for people to teach her everything there is about the world. 

No Trolls allowed 

One of the biggest problems with most chatbots is allowing it to learn from untrusted users. This results in strange or offensive remarks when certain phrases are typed in. April, like any great work of art, it created by her artists not anyone who interacts with her. So no ill-intentioned users can "teach" her to say bad things for a laugh.

Speed of Learning

April is learning new words, phrases and concepts everyday. She's currently going reading Wiktionary, Wikipedia and fictional works in the public domain. She is always learning new words, phrases and concepts every moment. And her breadth of knowledge is growing with each new thing she learns.